Almost Worse than Gluten

cockroachEarilier this week, my family and I had dinner at a favorite restaurant.   We ordered gluten-free tortilla chips from a dedicated fryer and, because we could not finish them, I took some home.

Tonight, when I reheated the chips and ate a few, I gasped as I discovered what appeared to be a deep-fried bug alongside the chips.  It looked for all the world like a crispy cockroach, antennae and all.

I felt sick.  Not knowing what to do, I called hubby Howard in an effort to feel better.  

“Howard, I just ate a few tortilla chips, and then I discovered what looks to be a deep fried cockroach!”

Howard, who knows how seriously ill I become if I eat anything with wheat flour, took a deep breath and replied, “Let’s hope it wasn’t breaded.”

Gotta love that man.  He keeps me grounded.

Love to all,




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