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SHKwithcopyright Announcing my new Etsy shop:  SimplyHeavenKnits

I hope you’ll come visit and add my shop as a favorite.  I’d love to sell one of my hand knits to you!

About Lee Bernstein and SimplyHeavenKnits:

If you’re looking for an artisan who loves to focus on quality and the highest standards in customer service, then you’ve come to the right place.  The items found here have been perfected to make absolutely sure they’ll make you, or a loved-one, happy.

About me: In my “day-job life,” I manage a financial institution. I am also a writer. I wrote “I Love You,” also know as “The Barney Song.” Other writings include having written for eBay, SoHo Publishing (Knit Simple Magazine), New England Antiques Journal, Wiley, Hungry Minds Press, Weight Watchers North America/Canada, and more.

Unconditional love found here: I absolutely guarantee that you will like what you purchase from me or your money back.

While I am new to Etsy, I have long-standing high seller ratings on Ebay and Amazon. Feel free to send me a message if you would like to view my seller information on either site.

My story: I taught myself to knit at age 8, but I gave it up because I became frustrated whenever I needed help. Back then, I didn’t know about quality yarns or yarn shops, and I didn’t know any other knitters.

Dime store books and patterns only took me as far as my skills would allow. Back then, many patterns were filled with errors, although I didn’t know it at the time.

Fast forward to my adult life: When I learned I was seriously gluten-intolerant, I needed something, ANYTHING, to keep my mind off of feeling sorry for myself. (Note: I don’t give up gluten as a fad–heck no! I love wheat and miss it every day. I give it up because. alas, I get incredibly sick, even if I eat a fraction of a crumb).

An “angel on my shoulder” reminded me of my love of knitting and guided me to yarn shops and the internet to help me perfect my skills. That “angel” helped turn a curse into a blessing, for which I am eternally grateful.

And now, Simply Heaven Knits has been born:


Love, Lee

Find and write to Lee on Ravelry:
User Name: LeeBernstein
Visit the Knitting Is Gluten Free Forum on Ravelry — GREAT discussions here, including loving support for people with food intolerances . . . and tons of recipes.
Facebook: Fans of Knitting is Gluten Free
Twitter: Lee_A_Bernstein
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