Knitting Is Gluten Free Now has a Forum on Ravelry

A lot of members here want this blog to be more interactive than it is now. I agree!

I’m happy to report we now have a Knitting Is Gluten Free Forum / Discussion Group on Ravelry.

Just go to Ravelry, sign in, then click on Groups in the tabbed bars at the top of the page, and search for Knitting Is Gluten Free, which will take you to the group portal. Just click on the icon, then click on the “discussion” tab to enter the forum.

You are welcome to upload photos of your projects or yarns, too. This is the perfect way to share what you’re knitting, crocheting, cooking, eating, whatever.

We’re a new forum there, and we already have over 30 members. Please stop by and introduce yourself.

I would guess that most everyone here has heard of Ravelry, but if you’re new to the internet knitting community, let me tell you: Ravelry is awesome.

If you spin, knit, crochet or work with fiber arts in any way, you’ll love it. Warning: Ravelry is addictive.

But then, so is knitting!

You’ll need to register on Ravelry to join. It is free. The community there is warm, friendly and a whole lot of fun.

You can search for patterns, people, projects, yarns, groups . . . hold on. I’m not going to try to explain it all here. It would be like trying to explain Disney World in a word or two. Just go, be amazed and enjoy.

See you there!

Find and write to Lee on Ravelry:
User Name: LeeBernstein
Visit the Knitting Is Gluten Free Forum on Ravelry — GREAT discussions here, including loving support for people with food intolerances . . . and tons of recipes.
Facebook: Fans of Knitting is Gluten Free
Twitter: Lee_A_Bernstein
LinkedIn: Lee Bernstein

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