Such a sweet photo of our newest Dachshund, Milo . . . but do not let his soft, long-haired-red-sabled-demeanor fool you.

Underneath there lives a dog of steel.

He’s a bird (well, no . . . actually, he’s a dachshund)

He’s a plane (well, no . . . actually, he’s a dachshund).

He’s Superdog! (Yes, he really IS Superdog).

By day, Milo is an undercover pup. At night, he defends the knitting world against attacks on wool.

It all began a little over a week ago . . .

It was dusk. Milo was quietly sitting by the sliding glass kitchen door.

As I opened the door to let him out, there came a flash of marvel (also known as the porch light), as the world shone down upon Milo to illuminate his enemies and reveal Milo’s true self.

Moths. They were everywhere, desending upon our house in numbers larger than I’ve noticed in a lifetime. It was as though the buggers knew I had taken up knitting again . . . and they knew the house held the treasure of a delicious, ever-growing stash of wool.

I gasped and, as I flailed my arms like a . . . well, like a crazy woman flailing her arms, I knew my wool and I were doomed.

But then, just when the night looked darkest . . .

Milo spots the bad guys . . .

He jumps! He bounds!

He snaps! He chews!

He swallows.

Faster than a speeding bullet

More powerful than a locomotive

Able to leap sliding glass doors in a single bound

My hero.

Moth hunting has since become Milo’s mission. At the first sight of one, he runs into his booth (also known as the kitchen curtain which feels like a cape). Then, upon my opening the door . . . he emerges, transformed into into MILO THE MOTH HUNTING DACHSHUND!


Don’t tell me miracles don’t happen.

Today, the 21st day of September, 2010, I’m naming Milo the official mascot of Knitting is Gluten Free.

Okay, all fans of Knitting is Gluten Free, all together now:


Everyone else, kindly keep your kryptonite to yourself.

Love to all,

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  1. bestbetty says:

    Laughing here . . . great post!

    I wish my cat would eat moths.

  2. lizziefiz says:

    Love Milo’s picture – he looks so innocent -who’d know he is a super-hero!
    I think the moths that eat your wool are far more sneaky than the ones that fly around at night, but it’s good that Milo is decreasing their population for those who are fearful of moths.
    I am quite good at catching moths, spiders (even scorpions on holiday in Italy) and releasing them outside alive.

    Welcome Milo, official mascot & super-hero.

  3. mj greene says:

    Looking at BEAUTIFUL Milo, I’m reminded that I have a book, “Knitting with Animal Hair.”….Seriously! It tells how to save, clean, spin and then knit with shed or trimmed fur, and the stuff looks great….I’m gonna go look for some pix and see if I can post them…

  4. Kathleen says:

    All hail Milo! Gertrude, our tuxedo cat, is interested in moths but not entirely effective at eradicating them. Perhaps Milo could give her some lessons?

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  6. I just want to add that it is so much fun to have the world’s best subscribers. Thank you for being here! Love you guys.

  7. Kate says:

    That Milo is a lovely looking dog! and such perfect superpowers for helping his owner!! Hmm, I wonder if my Zara would be Death To Moths – she is certainly getting plenty of practice chasing flies and bees…
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

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  9. Perry Sudduth says:

    Where, oh where did you get that beautiful dog? I ran across his photo Googling for dachshund pictures. Our family is looking for one just like him – seriously, just like him (preferably female though).

    • Hi, Perry — welcome! As much as I’d like to say that Milo is a rescue, he is not.

      We bought Milo from a breeder here in Indiana. After a long fight, we had just lost our first dachshund to a rare auto-immune disease, and while nothing is ever guaranteed, I wanted to find a breeder who had a strong profile in breeding healthy dogs.

      I searched on the Internet under longhair dashchunds, found a few breeders I liked, researched them a little, visited a couple, and finally settled on Milo . . . or he settled on us, as the case may be!

      Thank you for your kind words. I hope you’ll visit here often.

      • Terry Landers says:

        Hi Lee,

        Our little mini dachshund girl Korkie is very ill from what is now being called an autoimmune disorder, after our docs have performed just about every test known to veterinary science. She is at Tufts vet school, which is about the best place on the planet. Can you tell me about your pups symptoms, and what was ultimately diagnosed? Korkie has been having fevers up to 106, and she has lumps in her skin that come and go. She has had ultrasounds that show issues with her gallbladder, and then later ones that show no sign of anything in the gallbladder. All of her symptoms seem to come and go with no rhyme or reason. All of her tests are coming back negative for bacteria, virus, or fungus.

        Sorry to be reminding you of that sad time. I would be so grateful any insights you may have.


  10. Perry Sudduth says:

    Thanks very much for your reply. We actually live in Chicago, which means that Indiana is just down the road a ways. Could you let us know the name of the breeder?

    Milo is adorable!!!

  11. Perry Sudduth says:


  12. Ginny (Pademelon on Ravelry) says:

    I love Milo. I wonder how he would react to all the little baby toads hopping around our house in the spring? My doxie usually goes for bigger prey, like barking a people! Love this post. Especially Milo in the cape!

  13. I could not think of a more amazing thing to do. May every knitter be able to find a dog of such skill.

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