Is There a Cure for Autoimmune Disease?

“Isabel, a cute 10-year-old girl from Texas who loved riding horses, walked into my office a year and a half ago with one of the most severe cases of autoimmune disease I had ever seen. Her face was swollen, her skin was inflamed, her joints were swollen, her immune system was attacking her entire body–her muscles, her skin, her joints, her blood vessels, her liver, and her white and red blood cells. Isabel couldn’t squeeze her hand or make a fist. The tips of her fingers and toes were always cold from Raynaud’s disease that inflammed her blood vessels. She was tired and miserable and was losing her hair. Isabel was on elephant doses of intravenous steroids every three weeks just to keep her alive, and she was taking prednisone, aspirin, acid blockers, and methotrexate, a chemotherapy drug used to shut down the immune system daily . . .”

So begins an article in the October 10, 2010 Huffington Post: “Is There a Cure for Autoimmune Disease,” by Mark Hyman, M.D. Many members here will find this article interesting, thought-provoking and –depending on who reads it–anything from frustrating to inspiring.

If you scroll down after the article, there are a number of Huffington readers’ posts in response to the piece. You might find these of use, too.

What are your thoughts on this article? Do you have links to other articles of interest you’d like to share? When you have a moment, please share you thoughts with us here.

My thoughts: Dr. Hyman can be quite a marketer at times, but he also has interesting information that’s worth referencing if only to lead you on a journey to other articles and information. Dr. Hyman is also an author and has written many books on health, one of the most popular being The UltraMind Solution: The Simple Way to Defeat Depression, Overcome Anxiety, and Sharpen Your Mind. Suggestion: Read them from the library before purchasing.

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UPDATE: Congratulations to AnnaMarie, winner of the contest posted in the last blog. Her name was drawn to win her choice of a Nenah Galati Knitting Korner DVD. AnnaMarie: I’ve emailed you with the details. Thank you (and everyone here) for your comments!

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11 Responses to Is There a Cure for Autoimmune Disease?

  1. Is Raynaud’s an autoimmune disease? I didn’t go and read the article, but will.

  2. Yes, Raynaud’s is indeed an autoimmune disease. I have it, too. Let me know what you think of the article! Thank you for posting.

  3. I found it really interesting. Raynaud’s is one of our daughter’s problems as well. It never manifested itself until her gut was so damaged. Fortunately she has only had two attacks. The first one we ended up at the podiatrist office since no one knew what it was. The second one we caught quite early and her chiropractor/naturopath gave her a remedy that quickly conquered it. It runs in my husband’s family, so his mom and at least one of his sisters has it.

  4. She only had one toe affected by it, but yep, it looked like a blister and turned dark purple. It was really bad. She couldn’t walk on it for about a week. We realized then that she needed to wear socks all of the time. I think she was 14 at the time. Her hands are always cold! this last time it happened, I think it was the same toe and it was just a spot of darkness, I think she had it for a day or two before she noticed it. The first time, she had had it for a couple of weeks before we realized how serious it was.

  5. No she hasn’t been tested for Lupus, that’s something I will keep in mind the next time we see her doctor.

  6. AnnaMarie says:

    Thanks so much! I’ve emailed you back!

    • AnnaMarie: My apologies – I cannot find an email from you. Would you please email me on Ravelry? You’ll find me listed under leebernstein. Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you.

  7. Beverly aka Mahmoo on Ravelry says:

    Hi Lee!

    I am LOVIN’ your posts! Ahhhhh, the nasty head of Raynaud’s. For some strange reason mine was flaring like mad for the past 2 months or so. Now it’s calmed down. Don’t have a clue as to why. My Mom had Lupus and I’ve been tested several times….always comes back negative. LOL…what’s new, right? I used to be hated being tested for my symptoms (pre diagnosis) because I always knew that everything would come back just peachy. Grrrrrr…..

    Keep up the fab work!

    P.S. Wanted to read more about your ‘best’ friend’s adventure through the house! 😉

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