Stitches East, A Car Collision, A Felted Bag, A Knitting Addiction and More . . .

Wow – so much has happened since I last posted.

First, this:

Do you plan on attending Stitches East in Hartford Connecticut October 28-31, 2010? If so, plan to visit Booth 927. That’s where Knitting Korner’s Nenah Galati will have her space this year . . . and I’ll be working there with her. I’d love it if you’d stop by and say hello.

It is a great pleasure to work with Nenah. I met her after I purchased her SOCK I: How to Knit Socks on Two Circular Needles DVD in July. I had a technical question about playing the DVD, left a generic, general message on what I thought was a standard help line . . . but she personally returned my call the next day (this blew me away).

We started chatting and became fast friends. I’ve been working with her ever since, and I love every minute of it.

My current knitting projects include my making my way through all of Nenah’s instructional DVDs. She has 20 of them, so it is a huge project for me. Right now, I’m knitting my way through How to Knit A Boxy Cardigan and enjoying it.

Nenah’s DVDs have an amazing effect on people. She is just like one of us (albeit a very smart one of us), with a calming, down-to-earth, nurturing personality. I love how she makes knitting or crochet mistakes, admits it and just lets the camera keep rolling as she corrects. This makes Nenah very Julia Child-like in the way she instructs—sensible yet confident, with an “Oh what the heck, you’re human, fix the darn thing and keep filming” attitude, which is endearing.

Nenah even includes her outtakes at the end of each DVD. Make sure you go to the bathroom first to spare having an accident as you watch and laugh.

Speaking of accidents, next story . . .

Ask me what’s new. This is what’s new:

A few weeks back, Howard and I were stopped at a light on U.S. Highway 30 in Merrillville, Indiana, and we were rear-ended by a gal going an estimated 40+ miles per hour.

Everyone walked away from the accident, which is the only thing that matters. At first, I was quite accepting of the accident despite our car being totaled . . . but that’s not the story. This story is about how I learned just how unfathomable my addiction to knitting has become.

See the trunk? The collision smashed it to where it couldn’t be opened at the scene, so it had to be towed full of whatever stuff was in there.

My brain scrambled to remember. We were on our way to a bring-your-own-lawn-chair birthday party, so there two new lawn chairs in there. I remembered there were also some CDs, a few books, including my gluten-free grocery store guide, a gallon of windshield wiper fluid, and countless reusable, canvas shopping bags. It is my ritual to carry a ridiculously large stack of those bags everywhere with me, so when I shop, I can forget to bring them into the store.

No big loss.

Then, just as I had reconciled it all; just as I was giving myself a mental hug for not freaking out over the accident having happened; just as the tow truck slowly pulled away as Howard and I were waving good-bye to our grand, old car . . . I remembered I HAD A KNITTING PROJECT IN THE TRUCK.

Holy crap.

It was my first attempt at a felted bag—a Noni Nomad Hobo felted bag, thank you very much, for which I paid major big bucks because I broke down and bought a month’s worth of knitting classes to go along with it . . . and don’t let that used Cadillac fool you, I don’t have major big bucks.

Besides, if you know anything about purchasing knitting lessons, purse hardware, and endless yards of yarn, then you know that I paid far more for the purse than I did for the car.

Noni's Photo of Nomad Hobo Bags

Panic time. This was on a busy highway. As I flailed and wailed, gapers gathered.

What the heck are you looking at? Don’t you understand? That purse took me forever to knit, and when I finished it, it had felted beautifully! It was cute! It was plump! And it had the most perfect, little bottom . . . and now my baby is being carried away in the trampled trunk of a compressed car! SHUT UP! STOP STARING! Go away.

I mean, after all, who in the same situation wouldn’t squawk at gawkers? It’s not as though such things as knitting projects could ever be replaced. Each stitch is precious, priceless, and a perfect work of art. Each project is a masterpiece, and each . . .

Okay. Wait. Hold on a minute.

First, I may be exaggerating this story a bit (except for the price of the purse). And much, if not all, of the panic I felt may have played out in my head rather than on the street. Yet either way, it was at that moment I realized my addiction to knitting had whorled out of control.

I stopped to take pause and to reflect on my attitude. Good grief, where was my mind at?

Of course felted bags can be replaced. Of course they can, of course they can, of course they can. I knew that. I really did.

Further more, only life is precious, not knitting, and only the cosmos is priceless, not knitting . . . and only love is a perfect work of art, not knitting.

Deep breath. Okay. Right.

That was then.

This is now: I’m still addicted to knitting, and I’m damn glad the junkyard was able to pry open the trunk and give me purse back!

This is one bag I’ll remember to carry with me into the store.

Love to all,

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9 Responses to Stitches East, A Car Collision, A Felted Bag, A Knitting Addiction and More . . .

  1. nenah says:

    Hi Lee: What a hoot, you always bring a big smile to my face. I loved your bag in the trunk story… Makes me think of me and how I would respond, once it was clear everyone was unharmed I would be where you were trying to pry open the trunk, as a matter of fact, been there sorta and done that, another story for another time.
    Thanks for the wonderful words, and for you folks who will be coming to Stitches, by a fluke accident, Lee’s shirts and my shirts both have my name on it, so we have decided to let you chose “who the real Nenah Galati is” maybe even win a bottle of wine…
    Hope to see you there, and Lee, arent we gonna have a blast!!!!


  2. Pat says:

    Great post. I loved the bag in the trunk story. It speaks to all knitters–we’d all feel the same.

  3. Jenn Embry says:

    Oh my goodness you are so funny! Love the story about the purse in the trunk. I’d be freaking out too. 🙂 I’m glad you are okay though. Car accidents can be so scary.

  4. Tory Boucher says:

    I completely understand how you felt about your knitted purse. I am also glad you are okay. That would scare me to death.

  5. Hi, Everyone: I’ve had a few requests for the link to the Noni site. I highlighed it in my blog post, but here it is again for your reference:

    GREAT designs! Enjoy.

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